I would also like to let you all know that, Tasty Mo:Mo: is not only a venture to represent Nepalese foods, it also has an initiative to feed children back in Nepal through “Food for Education” trust. Food for Education is a non-governmental organization that does social work for school children so that they can go to school instead of working for food. A dollar for every plate of momos sold will be donated to Food for Education.

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Mmmm! Hearty spicy Ethiopian made with love :)

5.0/ 5

Mmmm! Hearty spicy Ethiopian made with love 🙂 S Light lunch turned into a feast. I only ordered 3 items for the two of us. Lamb tibs: spicy sautéed lamb and lamb ribs with bellpeppers onions and jalapeños that came with a lentil sauce, cabbage/ carrot turmeric sauce, of course about a pound of injera and this delightful herbed micro ricotta (ayub) and berbere 13.95$,

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